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Toilet block is ready!!!!

The toilet block next to the roulotte is ready. Your private toilet block is equiped with a dry toilet, shower and lavatory.

Roulotte online

It took us a will to finish the roulotte. But from now on you can book it via our website www.chezbles.fr or www.booking.com . Our roulotte is offgrid. This means that you are not connected to a powergrid, service pipe or sewerage. That doesn’t mean you have to forgo, it’s just a different approche. Our roulotte is equipt with solar energy for electricity, outdoor shower solar heated water (on warm days), ground refrigerator and waterbag for drinkingwater.  

In the near future our roulotte will be equiped with a little buiding with shower and a dry toilet. For te moment you can use our shower in the main building situated 200 meter from the roulotte.