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Swimmingpool nope!!!

Hot tub yep. Why a hot tub and no swimming pool. One of the reasons to choose for a hot tub is that you can use it in every season. You can cool down in the summer and warm-up in the other seasons. Another reason is that it costs less water to fill it up because a hot tub is much smaller (it seats 4 to 5 people) than the smallest swimming pool.
To keep it clean we are going to use a sand filter and a biodegradable product, no chlorine!!! This way we can still use the water to water the plants in our garden when we have to refresh the water. In doing so we want to reduce the waste of water. The hot tub is heated with wood in stead of electricity. Come over to Chez Bles for one or more nights and you can try it. #havefunwhiteoutwasting 🙂