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Toilet block is ready!!!!

The toilet block next to the roulotte is ready. Your private toilet block is equiped with a dry toilet, shower and lavatory.

Come and see.

Just watch. No words needed.

Plateau de mille étangs (Haute Saône).

Contactless stay possible at Chez Bles.

We are living in a different world at the moment since Corona entered our lives. A lot of things are uncertain. That we have to adapt is one thing that is certain. That’s why we are offering our guests a contactless stay in our roulotte. This means we made few preparations: key on the door, breakfast is serviced in the roulotte (basket is placed on the balcony) and communication via mobile device.

A contactless stay is also possible in our house in one of our rooms with the same precautions. There will be only one room available at the same time to assure you don’t have contact with other guests. Breakfast is served in the room or in the garden.

We can also prepare you a dinner serviced in your roulotte/room (only on request).

Rooms are disinfected after each visit and remain empty for 24 hours.

Swimmingpool nope!!!

Hot tub yep. Why a hot tub and no swimming pool. One of the reasons to choose for a hot tub is that you can use it in every season. You can cool down in the summer and warm-up in the other seasons. Another reason is that it costs less water to fill it up because a hot tub is much smaller (it seats 4 to 5 people) than the smallest swimming pool.
To keep it clean we are going to use a sand filter and a biodegradable product, no chlorine!!! This way we can still use the water to water the plants in our garden when we have to refresh the water. In doing so we want to reduce the waste of water. The hot tub is heated with wood in stead of electricity. Come over to Chez Bles for one or more nights and you can try it. #havefunwhiteoutwasting 🙂

Roulotte online

It took us a will to finish the roulotte. But from now on you can book it via our website www.chezbles.fr or www.booking.com . Our roulotte is offgrid. This means that you are not connected to a powergrid, service pipe or sewerage. That doesn’t mean you have to forgo, it’s just a different approche. Our roulotte is equipt with solar energy for electricity, outdoor shower solar heated water (on warm days), ground refrigerator and waterbag for drinkingwater.  

In the near future our roulotte will be equiped with a little buiding with shower and a dry toilet. For te moment you can use our shower in the main building situated 200 meter from the roulotte.


Chez Bles ideal place for birdwatching

If you like birdwatching Chez Bles is the place to be. You don’t have to go far to watch all kind of birds. Just a few steps in our orchard and if you are lucky you can spot one of the owls who life there. Just come and see.

According to the Lonely Planet

When you check the Lonely Planet it seems there is nothing to do out here. They are wrong. When you like hiking or trailrunning there are lots of routes to discover from easy till difficult level.Come and check them out.